Monday, August 13, 2012

Final shows are over. Our final cassette 'Distorted Thoughts//Static Mind//' is now available through No Patience. Limited to 200 copies, this cassette is our final recording ever (the rawest and noisiest yet!).

Below you will find live footage from our final show at Animal House in Adelaide (filmed by Nick Godfrey).

There is no future for Suffer; we will not be writing or releasing any new material, members of Suffer are involved in the following acts (which may be of interest):

Adam: Currently playing guitar in THE HUNT (D-Beat Crust)
Micky: Currently playing guitar in DROWNING HORSE (Colossal DOOM) and WARTHREAT (D-Beat Raw Punx)
Lee: Currently playing bass in NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT (Hatefilled Hardcore)
Luke: Currently drumming in ERIS (Metallic D-Beat Crust)

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