Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Released in 2010 by Midnight Funeral. 105 Orange, 210 White, 52 on Yellow/Pink Splatter. Now out of print. Possible repress shortly..

Blood Wars Cassette

Self released in 2009. 100 copies on Cassette/100 copies on CD-R (I think?). Some of these songs were re-recorded for the Lone 12", but this is a lot rawer. Way outta print.

Pathetic Human / Suffer split 7"

Released early 2010 by No Patience Records. 100 on Pink Vinyl; 400 on Black Vinyl. Despite being released in 2010, both sides were recorded around the end of 2008. This is now out of print, however Lewis still has a few copies left on Pink wax here.

Demo Tape

Recorded in 2008. This cassette had two extra tracks than the CD-R demo (one being a cover of 'Boiling Point' by SS Decontrol). There were around 40 of these available. I think there were 25 with red covers and 15 with green covers. There were around 80 Suffer demo CD-R's, which got scattered around everywhere.


  1. Here's the demo mate, on Rohans music blog...